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Search Optimization Company, Pay Per Click ServicesPay per click is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to ensure your company "pops up” or can be found on web searches.

We are committed to helping companies succeed online with proven and cost effective pay per click services.  

Combine pay per click with a well built website and you can "compete against the big boys" without a "big boy” budget.

To be successful you need a strategy that brings in qualified visitors at the lowest possible price.  That’s where we come in.  We know the pitfalls of setting up and maintaining a PPC campaign.  A to Z will set up and monitor your PPC account(s).

1) We provide monthly reports and make adjustments to your account based on on-going dialog and information obtained from your account(s).

2) There is no mark up of the cost of keywords.  You will be billed monthly by the service provider…for the cost of the keywords and the number of clicks you received. 

3) You set your budget.  We adjust the campaign as needed (Increase, Decrease, Off, or On). 

4) You will be charged for the initial set up of the campaign (one time fee) and a monthly fee to monitor and adjust your account as needed.

When setting up a PPC campaign there are several variables that come into play, the biggest being how much your competition is willing to bid on keywords.  Adequate monthly budgets vary drastically from business to business.  The good news is it typically only takes a month or two to establish an adequate budget and to determine return on investment. 

Prior to you making a final decision on PPC we will do some preliminary research into the average cost for your keywords and phrases.  This will just be an estimate.  What you pay for keywords is market driven and can change daily.

Effective Pay Per Click is not based on Quantity…it’s about Quality.

Getting Started on Your Pay Per Click Campaign

When you are ready to begin, we’ll take the following steps to create your PPC campaign:

  • We will ask you a series of questions to better understand your goals and objectives.
  • We will analyze your website and competitors to develop a list of potential keywords and possible bids for each.
  • We will establish a list of starting keywords.  As the project moves forward, keywords will be tested, added and deleted based on performance.
  • We will create Ad’s and groups for your keywords.
  • Keywords will be partnered with relevant ad groups.
  • On-going monitoring of your account.
  • Monthly reports and dialog to discuss the findings / stats.

Successful campaigns need continuous monitoring.  We work to drive down your average cost per click, increase your conversions, and improve your ROI.

Have a Failing Pay Per Click Campaign?

Are you already running a Pay Per Click Campaign, but not getting the results you desire? There could many reasons for this:

  • You might be targeting the wrong keywords.  We can help with researching and refining your chosen keywords.  This is the No. 1 key to a successful Pay Per Click campaign.

  • Your ads and your website might not be in sync.  We will make sure your website and ads are promoting the same message.

  • Your website may be in shambles. Your website is what makes the sale.  We can do an analysis of your web site and make suggestions for improvement.  Changes can range from minor to complete overhauls.


We will do a free analysis of your existing campaign(s) and provide detailed targets for improvement.

PPC & Related Services

Google Merchant - Product Ads - A to Z is an expert in setting up and maintaining Google Merchant campaigns.  Google Merchant is ideal for anyone selling products on the Web.  Call or Email today for Details!

  • PPC Campaign Development (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • PPC Campaign Updates & Modifications (For Existing Accounts)
  • Keyword Research and Selection (additions and deletions)
  • Keyword Bid Analysis
  • PPC Ad Creation
  • On-Going Maintenance of Campaigns
  • Data collection and Analysis
  • Reporting
  • PPC Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • Website Updates and Overhauls
  • Landing Page Creation

Contact us today and lets put together a marketing program for you that will exceed your expectations.


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